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Happy Bhai Dhooj 2018 | images of bhai dhooj 

History of bhai dooj

The famous folk associated with this festival is of yamraj and his sister. It is believed that on this day yamraj arrived at his sister's place Yamuna also known as Yami .His sister welcomed him by aarti ,applied tilak on his  , given sweets to eat. Yamraj was overwhelmed by his sister love and he declares that any brother who will receive tilak and aarti from his sister will never go to hell.

happy bhaidooj
happy bhai dooj

Importance of bhai dooj

In the months of festivals this festival is also a important festival in which we celebrate the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters .Many people also compare it with rakshabandan ,but these two festival are totally different with their different meaning and values.

On this day sisters do aarti of their brothers and put tilak on their forehead .
happy bhai dooj
bhai dhooj

Changing values

with the increase in technology in the world mostly brother and sister and not close to each other it may be because of work , study or may be any other reason but you can give them wishes with the bhaidooj gif or wallpapers wish them ..

happy bhai dhooj
bhai dooj

happy bhai dhooj
bhai dooj

happy bhai dooj
happy bhai dooj

Father of green Revolution | wiki |

  • Green revolution is one of the most important part of our Indian farming culture in which agriculture in India change to an industrial system due to adoption of modern techniques by farmers for a lager scale production of crops in which they not only grow crops for their family but they also grow crops for their living .

green revolution in india

  • IN this green revolution high yielding crops (HYC) , tractors,irrigation facilities,pesticides,fertilizers and many more new things were introduced in the farming market to increase the field yielding .

green revolution in india
green revolution

  • The green revolution held in India was a part of the green revolution started by Norman Borlaug 

  • This started in the early 1960s and led to an increase in food grain production, especially in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh during the early phase.

  • See the statical growth of the crop production in India after green revolution

growth in green revolution
green revolution

growth in green revolution

Malika Arora And Arjun Kapoor spotted together in karan johar's diwali party. 

We all know that all the bash parties are thrown by karan johar only . .
But all the lime light was on the two people who now a days are in news Arjun kapoor and Malika Arora.
In the party these two couples who grabed our attention was Arjun kapoor  and Malika arora
The internet is buzzing with these kinds of news that these two couples are sonner going to marry with each others. and according to he sources the information ha s came to us that these two couples are dating eath others but sooner or later they will tie their knot with each other.

Arjun and malika have reportedly been going steady for years now . The recent report according to us suggest that marriage is on the cards for rumored couples .

have a look on the pictures of Malika Arora and Arjun Kapoor.

Malika was earlier married to bollywood actor and director Arbaaz Khan in 1998 but later they got divorce from each others.

See in the video..

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